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Covid-19 Vaccination

Spring Boosters- over 75’s and CEV

Over 75’s and clinically extremely vulnerable patients are to be offered a booster vaccination this Spring.

You will receive a call or text via which you can book in if you are eligible.

Children ages 5-11

We are now running clinics for this age group starting 20th April. We inviting children in as we have the capacity. If you have received an invite for one child but have a sibling you would like to bring at the same time, please contact your registered Practice as we will be able to do them at the same time but they need to have a booked appointment.

Please read the information leaflet  and discuss any concerns with your registered practice prior to attending the vaccination appointment.

For all other patients:

We are continuing to do small clinics for boosters/1st doses, you can book into these via the National Booking Service. Our postcode is SW13 0LW


How long after having covid should I have the vaccine?

At risk 5- 11 year old and adults  you should wait 28 days after having covid and receiving the vaccination.

Non “at risk” children under 12 years old should wait 12 weeks.

I was shielding, am I eligible for a 4th dose?

No. The criteria for a 4th dose is not the same as the criteria for clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding). Only patients that are immunosuppressed are eligible for the vaccine. More information can be found on Page 25 of The Green Book 

Do I have to leave time between by flu and booster covid vaccines?

No, these can be given on the same day or at any interval.

Can I get proof of vaccination?

You can download the NHS app or call 119 to be sent a paper copy of your vaccine record. Please do not contact your GP surgery regarding this. Evidence is ONLY required for international travel at this time. This information is not taken from your GP record, so if you had a vaccine in another country it will not show on the app, even if it is added to your GP record. We have no way of getting these to appear on the app.

We are no longer issuing or updating vaccination cards as these cannot be used as evidence. The NHS app and paper version you can receive by calling 119 is the only official evidence that is required.

Is there parking?

We have a limited number of parking spaces at the Surgery.  If you are able to walk or cycle, this is preferable.

Will my GP be notified of the vaccine if I get it at Essex House and I’m not a registered patient?

A record of your vaccination will automatically go to your GP record, regardless of where you are registered. This can sometimes take a few days.

Can I choose which vaccine I have?

We only currently have Pfizer.

Will I be required to wait after my vaccine?

You do not need to wait on site after receiving a vaccine.

Can I have my second dose early if I am going away/on holiday?

No. Vaccines will be given  in line with government guidance.

I have lots of questions regarding the vaccine, can I discuss these when I come to the vaccine clinic?

The clinic is intended for receiving the vaccination only. Staff are able to advise you briefly regarding side effects and will ask you screening questions to ensure that you are safe to receive the vaccine.

If you have in-depth questions regarding your personal medical history and the vaccine, then you should discuss these with a healthcare professional at your registered practice prior to attending the vaccination clinic.

Patient information leaflets can be found here:

Astra Zeneca

Pfizer BioNtech

Pregnancy and the covid vaccine

What side effects can I expect?

Like all medicines, vaccines can cause side effects. Most of these are mild and short term, and not everyone gets them.  Even if you do have symptoms after the first dose, you still need to have the second dose.

Although you may get some protection from the first dose, having the second dose will give you the best protection against the virus.

Very common side effects include:
• having a painful, heavy feeling and tenderness in the arm where you had your injection. This tends to be worst around 1-2 days after the vaccine.
• feeling tired
• headache
• general aches, or mild flu-like symptoms

These are the symptoms that we expect you to experience and indicate that your body is having an immune response to the vaccine.

Although feeling feverish is not uncommon for two to three days, a high temperature is unusual and may indicate you have COVID-19 or another infection.

An uncommon side effect is swelling of the glands. You can rest and take the normal dose of paracetamol (follow the advice in the packaging) to help make you feel better.

These symptoms normally last less than a week. If your symptoms seem to get worse or if you are concerned, contact the Surgery.  If you do seek advice from a doctor or nurse, make sure you tell them about your vaccination so that they can assess you properly.

You can also report suspected side effects of vaccines and medicines through the official Yellow Card scheme.
You can do this online by visiting the Coronavirus Yellow Card or by downloading the Yellow Card app.

Is there any reason I shouldn’t attend for the vaccine?

If you are currently unwell with a fever or any symptoms of Covid-19 then you should not attend for the vaccine and should delay until you are well.

If you have recently had Covid 19 then you should wait 28 days before receiving the vaccine.

If you have had an allergic reaction to any vaccine then you should volunteer this information on arrival at the vaccination centre.

If you have an allergy to Polyethylene glycol then you should not receive the Pfizer vaccine.